Tuesday the 10th December 2013

Monday, December 09th, 2013 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

Sorry this post has uploaded later then normal. I scheduled it for the 11th at 5pm instead of the 10th lol. 


Press 3×5




“Death by burpee”

1 burpee on first min, 2 burpees on the second min, 3 burpee on the third min. Continue this until you can no longer complete any more burpees


Score is the last completed round


Strength finisher

3xME strict tempo chin ups – rest 1:00

*Fast up, 3 seconds chin over bar, 3 second lower then repeat


Addiitonal work

Clean + Low hang clean+ push press + jerk


*You’ll do the clean, then a low hang clean, push press then hit the jerk. Goal is to nail the jerk under fatigue