Due to COVID19 our physical space isn't in operation.

That doesn't mean we can't help you with your fitness goals though.

Most gyms have shut their doors and are unable to help people with their fitness in this time of need when we need fitness more than ever. MSD Fitness is using the latest software to provide you with personalised at-home workouts that you can do delivered straight to your mobile phone.

We are working with people in all kinds of different situations. Some people have no gear at all. Others have full gym setups. We find the majority of people have something laying around their homes that we can use though. The magic is in our ability to communicate with you, talk to you about your goals, hold you accountable and put you in a network of other people who are all in this together. ?

What is MSD Fitness about?
MSD Fitness was created because we believe that every human being has the right to be healthy and thriving in all aspects of their life. Every person should have the ability to move with ease, be supported in their journey, love themselves and just feel happy and confident.

Sure we get people fit, but we are so much more than that. It’s important that when every person steps through that door, they’re welcomed with open arms. They feel the incredible energy that our community has to offer and make life-long friends along the way.

So, whether your goal is to get fitter, lose weight, get stronger or even just learn skills like pull ups, lifting weights and learning how to play again, we are here to guide you and show you the way.'

So, if you would like to get in touch with us to find out how you can get started,
email mason@msdfitness.co
and we will arrange to have a face to face call via zoom or facetime to talk about your goals and get you started.

Visit our online sales portal to set up your membership
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  • mason@msdfitness.co