Community-based, Strength and Conditioning Gym
62 West Moorville Road, Burnie 7320


‘You’ll come for the fitness, but you’ll stay for the community’


MSD Fitness was created because we believe that every human being has the right to be healthy and thriving in all aspects of their life.
Every person should have the ability to move with ease, be supported in their journey, love themselves and just feel happy and confident.
Sure, we get people fit, but we are so much more than that.
It’s important that when every person steps through that door, they’re welcomed with open arms.
They feel the incredible energy that our community has to offer and make life-long friends along the way.
So, whether your goal is to get fitter, lose weight, get stronger or even just learn skills like pull ups, lifting weights and learning how to play again, we are here to guide you and show you the way.

Our gym caters for all fitness levels. All the workouts can be modifed to suit your ability. Our coaches will help you on a personal level each and every day so you can complete the workout to the best of YOUR ability. We have members who are young and old, big and small, very athletic to those who have never done a workout before.

We got you covered. Don’t let your own worries be the limitation of starting.

If you already know MSD Fitness is for you, and you just need to book a No Sweat Intro then contact us.

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Most importantly we want to know more about you and your goals so please contact us


Our community

Keen to meet our trainers, see our facility, experience the community, and see how we can help you achieve your goals? Set up a FREE INTRO when it suits you. Contact us to get started.

What members have to say

  • Hey there Mason, just a quick text to say thank you so much for your ongoing support and coaching. I can’t thank you enough and appreciate everything, best thing I have done in a long time was signing up with you and your gym. I sleep better, have way more energy, fitter and just feel better. Still got more to go to get back to pre-babies but thanks to u and your gym I’m 2 dress sizes down and 11kg lighter, SO EXCITED.


  • It has been almost 12 months since I walked into your box with unknown expectations, and I have met some wonderful people, I love the inclusion and the comradery from all who attend; from those who are beginners to experienced competitors of all ages. And how encouraging they are even when you are the last to finish, or pressing a 15kg bar over your head. I would like to thank you for your assistance, advice and coaching and would also like to congratulate you on your professionalism and enthusiasm you bring to your business.

    Leanne Stokes

  • This is a fantastic box to train in. Great coaches, all members are supportive and friendly, would recommend to everyone wanting to get started on some exercise, everything can be adjusted to your level of fitness, or to the person out there that would like that extra edge in fitness.

    Lyn Horton

  • The best all round fitness gym I have joined. You don't need to be fit to start. Any workout can be scaled to suit you. I enjoy the morning sessions the best but there are a variety of times to suit everyone's lifestyle. You build up all over body strength and flexibility, and best of all the coaches are supportive, encouraging and lots of fun. I have gained strength and flexibility that I never thought I could gain again at my age. If your looking to start a fitness program then get out of your chair and come into the box.

    Lisa Guy

  • At age 58 and after multiple shoulder surgeries was not responding well to physio and was worried about weight gain and loss of breath. After first class was immediately impressed with the head trainer and his staff as they adjust workouts for injuries or limitations, and after 3 months have noticed considerable improvement in strength and overall fitness. This place has really changed my life.

    Kevin Doherty